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President Toshio Kushiro

Bringing together our enhanced strengths to meet the expectation of our customers and the demands of the times

Maruha, which was founded 135 years ago, and Nichiro, which was founded 108 years ago, entered into a business merger in October 2007, forming today’s Maruha Nichiro Group.

Our predecessors kept the companies thriving, passing them down from generation to generation even while overcoming a number of difficulties during their 100-plus year histories.

The present environment surrounding our large corporate group, made up of around 170 companies, is by no means a stable one.

Movements with attendant risks that could affect the Group have become conspicuous globally.
Whether we like it or not, this is an era where there is no choice but to keep fully abreast of the ongoing changes in global society.

Given this environment, we must always “think for tomorrow” while “fighting to survive today.”

Without these efforts, the Group cannot grow. And without growth, it will be difficult to ensure the Group’s survival and thus its legacy for future generations.

The Maruha Nichiro Group’s basic mission is to be a corporate group that provides the wholesome, safe, and healthy food needed by society. In order to fulfill this mission, we will reform and innovate the Group, laying the foundations for long-term growth while returning to the starting point by addressing the questions of why Maruha Nichiro exists and how can it contribute to society.

We are determined to meet your expectations through innovative business operations, so please look forward to our continuing success.

Shigeru Ito
President, Maruha Nichiro Corporation

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