2015 Merged six main campanies within the group and changed trade name to Maruha Nichiro Corporation.
2011 Relocated head office to Toyosu, Tokyo.
2008 A new corporate group framework has been established.
2007 Economic union of Maruha Group Inc. and Nichiro Corporation Creation of Maruha Nichiro Holdings, Inc.
2004 Maruha Group Inc. established as a holding company.
2003 Comprehensive business tie-up with Osaka Uoichiba Co.,Ltd.
2002 Spinning off of Cold Storage operations by mean of demerger.
Spinning off the Trawl Fishery operations into a separate company.
Disposal of the shares of Yokohama Bay Stars.
2001 Maruha Pet Food Co.,Ltd. established as a result of a Management Buy-Out.
1999 Unbundling of suger operations.
1996 Acquisition of Taiyo Seafoods Co., Ltd.
1995 Joint venture Zhoushan Industrial Co., Ltd. established in China.
1993 New trademark adopted. Corporate name changed to Maruha Corporation (Maruha Kabushiki Kaisha).
1990 Central Research Institute moved to Tsukuba City north of Tokyo.
1978 New headquarters building completed in central Tokyo.
1977 Adoption of 200-mile zone by many countries around the world dramatically reduces fishing operations.
1964 Sugar operations begun with capital participation in Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.
1960 Operations expanded from the marine products business into feeds and livestock production.
1958 West African fishing grounds opened to trawling.
1953 Aquaculture operations begun.
Fish hams and sausages put on sale.
1951 Overseas operations started. (Our corporation was one of the first marine products companies to do so.)
Salmon fishing using mother ships resumed in northern seas.
1949 Corporate headquarters moved to Tokyo.
Taiyo professional baseball club (present-day Yokohama Bay Stars) established.
1945 Virtually all overseas assets and operations lost at the end of WWII.
Corporate name changed to Taiyo Gyogyo K.K. (Taiyo Fishery Co., Ltd.)
1943 Corporate name changed to Nishi Taiyo Gyogyo Tosei K.K.
1924 Incorporated as K.K. Hayashikane Shoten, ending the era of private operation.
1904 Operation base moved to Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
1880 The founder, Ikujiro Nakabe, begins purchasing fish from fishermen for sale to wholesalers at the wholesale fish market in Osaka.

Corporate Profile