Research and Development

Exploring the future of 'food' and the Earth

The Maruha Nichiro Group is continuing research and development to pioneer the future of food while emphasizing the importance of living in symbiosis with the Earth.

Central Research Institute

Tsukuba Science City (Ibaraki Prefecture) possesses national research institutions, educational institutions, and many private research organizations and companies. In this area, containing 13,000 public and private sector researchers, the Maruha Nichiro Group have their Central Research Institute. Previously we had two separate research offices in Tsukuba City and Kawasaki City, but in April 2008 they were combined in Tsukuba to streamline research and development activities and to make possible diverse research activities using a wide range of professional expertise. While cooperating with universities and public research institutions / private companies in various countries overseas, we are researching food tastes and physical properties, analyzing new functional substances and developing functional foods as well as manufacturing processing technology, as well as testing applications for functional substances to fine chemicals.
Under our increasingly thorough system we fulfill our roles as the center hub of information through gaining successful results, constantly acquiring and analyzing recent information, reflecting this in research and giving feedback to the group. We are in pursuit of the future of food and of the Earth. We aim to continue to create products and technology worthwhile to humans and the environment.

Corporate Profile