Group Business

From the world to the dining table, our global operations offer fine foods

The Maruha Nichiro Group is expanding its business into diverse food categories, building on its strengths in seafood products. We bring the abundant resources of the world's seas to dining tables worldwide. Taking advantage of our global network, we continue to contribute to a plentiful food supply by creating one economy of scale after another.

Fishery&Aquacultue Unit

We procure marine resources directly, mainly through longline tuna fishing, offshore and overseas purse seining, aquafarming for fishes with high added value such as bluefin tuna and greater amberjack, and overseas joint ventures such as shrimp trawl fishing.

Marine Products Trading Unit

As the world's top trader and supplier, we procure, process, and sell marine products from all over the world. This unit lives up to requests from the Japanese, European, and American markets through the stable supply of safe and reliable fish.

Marine Products Wholesaling Unit

This unit is in charge of market distribution of marine products traded at Japan's wholesale markets. It markets fresh and live fish, imported frozen fish, and processed marine products efficiently through auctions, bidding, and negotiation-based transactions, always pursuing efficiency in the process.

Meat and Products Business Unit

Focusing on safety, reliability, and great taste, this unit procures, processes, and sells beef, pork and chicken in and outside Japan. It makes proposals and develops products according to customer needs, emphasizing initiatives with specific suppliers involved in production and processing. Additionally, it is expanding the global sales and procurement of fishmeal as a feedstuff material.

Overseas Business Unit

This unit processes marine materials to make frozen foods and canned foods at production bases in Thailand, China, and other countries and provides processed foods to the Japanese, American, European, and Asian markets. It is the basis of the Group's processing operations, working alongside the North American Operation Unit and the Marine Product Trading Unit of our Marine Product Operations.

North America Operations Unit

This unit's core business is the procurement, processing, and worldwide sale (to North American, European, and Japanese markets) of marine resources such as Alaskan pollock, Pacific cod, salmon, trout, and crab from North America (the Bering Sea).

Consumer Frozen Foods Business Unit

In the area of frozen foods, we follow an aggressive differentiation strategy with our several brands: Akebono, with its highly valued meat products, prepared meals for boxed lunches, rice meals, and noodles; Aquli, featuring Western style dishes such as pizza and gratin; Yayoi which has prestige in frozen food for institutional use and so on.

Consumer Processed Foods Business Unit

Through this unit we are expanding our share in new markets with retort pouch foods, dessert jellies in addition to our long-selling products such as Maruha's canned mackerel, saury, and sardines, fish sausage, chikuwa, and Akebono's canned salmon and crab. Long life chilled foods are brought to the market as new business.

Institutional Foods Business Unit

This unit provides individualized procurement, processing, and sales in and outside Japan according to the diverse needs and orders from the restaurant and prepared food industries. Products are swiftly delivered direct to customers without going through the wholesale market, providing high added value such as convenience.

Foods& Fine Chemical Unit

This unit provides pharmaceutical and health materials such as DHA, EPA, sodium chondroitin sulfate, squalene, collagen, and DNA-related compounds, primarily developed from marine materials, as well as dehydrated foods and seasonings both in and outside Japan.

Maruha Nichiro Corporation Foods and Fine Chemicals For the further description, click the link above.

Logistics Unit

Our network of refrigerated warehouses throughout Japan has a significant presence as the logistics function underpinning both our marine product and processed food operations. The storage capacity of our refrigerated warehouses, which exceeds 580,000 tons, creates distribution quality suited to market requirements and is environmentally friendly. We aim to provide comprehensive distribution services through an integrated logistics system and will contribute to environmental preservation by making further improvements in the future.

Corporate Profile