Maruha Nichiro Corporation Foods and Fine Chemicals Department

Protamine(Salmon milt extract, Salmine)


Protamine is protein (Molecular weight around 4,000- 5,000), which works to maintain and protects DNA from being damaged.
As a pharmaceutical product, Protamine works to neutralize Heparin, keeps continued antihyperglycemic effects together with Insulin, and also works to against fat absorption in the intestine.
Protamine has been widely used as a natural food preservative since 1980's, because Protamine has strong antibacterial effects.
In our body, Protamine is digested by enzymes. Therefore, its character is based on its amino acid composition.
2/3 of Amino acid in Protamine is Arginine, which has functions below;
  • - Improve liver functions
  • - Improve stamina and fertility.
  • - Immune-enhancing effect
  • - Lower blood pressure
  • - Against arteriosclerosis
  • Arginine is not an essential amino acid, but it is an important amino acid for children's growth. Arginine is also good for adults who take too much meat products.

    Product concept, Application

    Maruha Nichiro's Protamine is extracted from salmon milt.
    Maruha Nichiro's Protamine easily dissolves in water.
    Suitable for health food, as tablet, sachet, etc.
    Clinical studies are available.

    Packaging and Storage condition

    NET WEIGHT 5kg ×2 (10kg packed)
    INNER PACK Polyethylene bag and aluminum bag
    OUTER PACK Cardboard box
    STORAGE CONDITION At room temperature(Cool and dark place is desirable)
    DELIVERY CONDITION Ambient temperature
    QUALITY ASSURANCE PERIOD 24 months after production
    CONTENTS COMPOSITION Salmon milt extract about 90%
    Salt about 10%
    Standard of commodity
    Protamine Content Not less than 80%