Maruha Nichiro Corporation Foods and Fine Chemicals Department

Foods and Fine Chemicals Department

We are the leading seafood company in Japan with business forms of a manufacturer and a trading company all around the world.
Our company aims to be a food product company providing delicious tastes and delights through the production and sales overseas and in Japan.
Our core businesses include the following four operations and they are food operations, fishery operations, meat and products, and storage/logistics operation.

Within the food operations, we are the Foods & Fine Chemicals Unit, and we offer pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health food raw materials mainly from the ocean source as well as health foods in the form of tablets, capsules, drinks, powders, jellies, etc.
Some examples of the raw materials that we can provide to you would include items such as chondroitin sulfate (food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical grades), sodium hyaluronate (food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical grade), collagen, salmon milt extract (DNA), oyster extract, DHA, EPA, dietary fiber from apple, and squalene.

The products that we provide are safe and secure with the state-of-the-art made in Japan quality.
We have business all over the world and we have confidence that we have the goods and services that would satisfy your needs.
For descriptions of each item, please refer to the list below.

Category Product Name Characteristics

Chondroitin Sulfate
Protein Complex

(Food Grade)
  SCP   Shark Cartilage Origin
  SCP(NB)   Shark Cartilage Origin
  Mucopolysaccharides 20% & 40%
  SCP Superfine 20   Shark Cartilage Origin
  Deodorized Type
  SCP Superfine 70

Chondroitin Sulfate

(Pharmaceutical Grade)
(Cosmetic Grade)
  Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate   For Ophthalmic and Injection Purpose
  Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate   For Cosmetic Purpose

Sodium Hyaluronate

(Food Grade)
  HCP   Mix of Hyaluronated Powder and
  Hyaluro Pure   Fermented Type

Sodium Hyaluronate

(Pharmaceutical Grade)
(Cosmetic Grade)
  Sodium Hyaluronate [MARUHA]   For Ophthalmic and Injection Purpose
  JSQI Sodium Hyaluronate   JSQI Spec, Fermented Type


(Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
  DNA-Na   Salmon Milt Origin. Health Food,
  Cosmetic Ingredient, Dietary Food
  DNA-Na(L)S   Low molecular Weight Type.
  Suitable for Bevarages

Fish Collagen Peptide

  Fish Collagen WP   Fish Skin (Terapia) Origin Powder Type

Oyster Extracted Powder

  Oyster Extracted Powder SD   Oyster
  Oyster Extracted Powder SFD   Oyster (Japan origin)

Dietary Fiber of Apple

  Apple Ceramide   Japanese Apple Origin

Omega-3 Fish Oil

  DHA   22%   DHA-22   Tuna Oil
  Origin Fatty Acid Composition >22%
  DHA-KSP   Bonito Oil
  Origin Fatty Acid Composition > 22%
  27%   DHA-27W   Tuna Oil
  Origin Fatty Acid Composition > 27%
  46%   DHA-46A   Tuna Oil
  Origin Fatty Acid Composition > 46%
  DHA-46MK   Tuna Oil
  Origin Fatty Acid Composition > 46%
  70%   DHA-RS   Tuna Oil
  Origin Fatty Acid Composition > 70%
  Powder   DHA-WP   Tuna Oil Origin Powder Type
  EPA   28%   EPA-28   Sardine Oil
  Origin Fatty Acid Composition > 28%
  EPA-28SPE   Sardine Oil
  Origin Fatty Acid Composition > 28%
  70%   EPA-RS   Sardine Oil
  Origin Fatty Acid Composition > 70%

Shark Liver Oil

  Squalene   Food Grade
  Squalene > 99.5%
  DAGE (Alcoxyglycerols)   Food Grade
  DAGE > 45%

Shark Liver Oil

(Cosmetic Grade)
  Squalene   Deep Sea Shark Liver Oil